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We are an avid supporter of the GNU/Linux operating system, WordPress (see Blog Starter's WordPress guide) and the Open Source Software community in general. This page contains information about an ongoing project to contribute 802.11 wireless LAN (WLAN) support for the GNU/Linux operating system and other Open Source platforms.

The linux-wlan(tm) Project

The goal of the linux-wlan(tm) Project is to develop a complete, standards based, wireless LAN system using the GNU/Linux operating system. What differentiates this project from the Linux wireless extensions and other Linux wireless projects is that everything is based on the IEEE 802.11 standard.

Frequently Asked Questions

A republished version of the linux-wlan OLD FAQ is available HERE.

The FAQ for the linux-wlan-ng (prism2.x, prism3, pcmcia, pci, usb) package is now maintained inside the source package. An untarred copy of the FAQ file for the current release is always maintained on the ftp server.

Change History

The CHANGES file for the linux-wlan-ng source package is also maintained in an untarred form on the ftp server.


The linux-wlan-ng source package contains installation instructions in the README file. For convenience, the README file is maintained in an untarred form on the ftp server.

Download the linux-wlan (tm) Project

To view the contents of the 11Mbps linux-wlan(tm) Project directory (we refer to this version as the linux-wlan(tm) 'Next Generation' Project) and download files:


To view the contents of the original 2Mbps linux-wlan(tm) Project directory and download files:


linux-wlan(tm) Project Mailing Lists

We have set up three mailing lists associated with the linux-wlan(tm) Project:

  • linux-wlan(tm) Project Announcement List
  • linux-wlan(tm) Project User's List
  • linux-wlan(tm) Project Developer's List

For detailed information about each list and how to subscribe and unsubscribe, click HERE.

Hardware Compatibility - UPDATED February 1, 2004

A comprehensive listing of all currently-available WLAN adapters with their chipset and linux-wlan-ng software compatibility can be viewed HERE. Additions, deletions, comments, etc. should be sent to the document maintainer at bruce@linux-wlan.com.

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