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AVS Products

AVS's established products simplify and accelerate the development of wireless network products and systems. Our products provide developers with the most advanced and flexible foundation for rapid embedded systems development with minimized technical and schedule risk.


The AVS dot11Linux Embedded Wireless System Solution is a turn-key product and development kit that includes everything necessary to develop and deploy complete wireless network system products. The dot11Linux package includes reference hardware, development tools and all the embedded system source code required to quickly create product software loads for the embedded target.

For engineering teams who need to bring up new product solutions quickly, the dot11Linux system provides: comprehensive documentation, a simple yet powerful integrated cross-build system, an easy-to-navigate source base, and easily identifiable mechanisms for maintaining multiple separate product instantiations.

The dot11Linux system is a proven solution shown to be portable across all Linux-supported CPU architectures independent of endianness and data alignment sensitivities. All target CPU and board specific elements of the software are maintained separately from the remainder of the codebase. dot11Linux is currently being used on all major CPU architectures including x86, PowerPC, ARM, MIPS, and XScale.

AVS dot11Linux datasheet


The AVS dot11Core Device Support Software Suite is a complete IEEE 802.11 support software collection. dot11Core is a 100% software source code product including one or more low-level chipset specific hardware abstraction layers, the AVS device-independent IEEE 802.11 layer, and several user-mode applications.

The dot11Core product is delivered in 100% source code form. The source codebase includes a configuration and build system that provides: option configurability, cross-toolchain support, kernel detection, and alternate/crossbuild installation destinations.

AVS dot11Core datasheet
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