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About AVS

AbsoluteValue Systems is a privately held corporation specializing in developing Linux embedded systems, Linux device drivers, and wireless communications solutions. Originally founded in 1993 to develop network discovery and diagnostic tools, AVS shifted focus to the emerging 802.11 market in 1995. Our primary focus is the market intersection of Linux, embedded systems, and wireless communications.

Contact Information

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Mailing Address

AbsoluteValue Systems
721 North Drive, Suite D
Melbourne, FL 32934-9238


321.259.0737 : Voice
321.259.0286 : Fax


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Contact AVS:
AbsoluteValue Systems, Inc.
721 North Dr, Suite D
Melbourne, FL 32934-9238
E-Mail: info@linux-wlan.com
Voice: 321.259.0737
Fax: 321.259.0286
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